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Welcome To My Photography Workshop

A Photography Experience That Matters...

Join us for our unique & premium 3-day street photography workshop in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. This Fall, 2024.

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Let's start with the basics...

Workshop Overview

Welcome to the most exciting & premium street photography workshop you will ever experience, made for street photographers, by street photographers.

This is not just another photography workshop, this is an invitation to a journey of discovery and creativity, connecting with like-minded photography enthusiasts from around the world and a unique opportunity to refine and practice your street photography skills in one of the most captivating cities in the world.

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The Dates

First Day - Tuesday Oct 8th.

Second Day - Wed Oct 9th.

Final Day - Thursday Oct 10th.

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The Duration

Three days of intensive exploration and learning.

Everyday from 9 AM to 7 PM, with optional dinner or hangouts after 7 PM.

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The Locations

Our main meetup area & coworking space in located in Shinjuku, however, we'll explore more areas including Shibuya and Akihabara, just to mention a few...

October 2024


Fall Colours...

Spring, or "Hanami season" is the most beautiful season in Japan, the cherry blossoms are a sight to behold. However, it's extremely crowded & very inconvenient.

Fall offers a great chance to explore the city with very comfortable weather, beautiful red fall leaves and more manageable crowds.

The paradox of choice...

Why This Workshop?

After living abroad in Japan & Korea, I realized that travelling is one of those life-defining experiences that give you perspective on your life and the world. It makes you think about the things that really matter.


Tokyo 2019

South Korea

Seoul 2018

The reality is that most of us have on average about 4000 weeks to live. Time is our most precious currency, yet we keep postponing life, our hopes & dreams.

So this workshop has been designed with that in mind. It's all about taking action, sharing a significant, holistic experience with like-minded people and focusing on what we love, capturing moments in time & creating memories.

What you've been looking for...

A Meaningful & Complete Experience

This exclusive street photography workshop provides a blend of theoretical classroom lessons and hands-on street photography experience. Our sessions will take place in both classrooms and the dynamic streets of Tokyo.

Classroom Experience

Classroom Lessons

We will go over the workshop curriculum, clearly define our goals, explore optimal ways of shooting, techniques & settings for street photography and set up our gear to maximize the chances of getting the results that we want to achieve and capturing photographs that we’re proud of.

Shooting Experience

Practical Experience

Then, we will apply all the discussed and learned knowledge in real-world scenarios on the streets of Shinjuku & Shibuya, just to name a few areas…

Gallery Presentation

Showcase Your Work

You will be required to choose a favourite photograph captured from the workshop, and, on the last day, you will showcase it and present it in a large printed format in a small local gallery. Celebrating your results & accomplishments is a must.

You're probably wondering...

What's Included?

Several things, actually. The goal is to make sure that this is a meaningful experience, after all, experiences are all we take to the grave with us.

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Classroom Lessons

We'll have access to a private classroom/co-working space and you will be able to leave personal items there while we're out and about exploring the streets of Tokyo.

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Practical Experience

We'll walk... quite a bit, and explore the lively streets of Shinjuku, putting your newfound knowledge into practice.

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Workshop Materials

You will receive resources and materials curated to enhance your learning experience.

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Lunch Meals

Everyday we'll take a 1 Hour break and have lunch together as a group.

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Proof Of Work

On the last day, you'll receive a large print of your favourite photograph, in a travel-friendly container.

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おみやげ - (Omiyage)

Japanese sourvenirs & sweets for you to take home and share with your loved ones.

You're also probably wondering...

What's Not Included?

While we strive to offer a comprehensive learning experience, there are certain aspects that the workshop fee does not cover:

Travel Expenses

The workshop participants are responsible for arranging their flights to and from Tokyo.

Accommodation Expenses

Like the travel expenses, the workshop participants are responsible for arranging their accommodation in Tokyo.

Medical Insurance

Although not mandatory, we highly suggest that the participants have International medical or travel insurance.

Meals & Beverages

We include lunch during the duration of the workshop. However, we do not include the rest of the meals, breakfast and dinner are not included. Please plan accordingly.

A packed but flexible schedule...

Workshop Itinerary

These are 3 busy days… ranging from 9 AM to 7 PM, not for the faint of heart. But at the same time, it's flexible, we can make the days shorter or longer, depending on the needs of the group.

Day 1: Initiation

Workshop Introduction

& Classroom Lessons

All Morning

Lunch Break


Walking/Photo Session

All Afternoon

Day 2: In The Front Lines

Walking/Photo Session

All Morning

Lunch Break


Walking/Photo Session




Day 3: Gallery & Sake

Walking/Photo Session


Lunch Break


Reviewing/Editing Photos


Gallery Presentation


Sake & Chill (Optional)


Note: A highly detailed itinerary including locations, breaks & exact times is available for those who sign up for the workshop.

More details about...

What To Expect?

Here's what you can anticipate during this workshop, these are important so make sure to take a look:

Skill Level Expectation

While the workshop is designed to accommodate participants of all levels, proficiency in photography and experience with cameras and editing are recommended to fully benefit from the sessions.

Physical Activity Level

Prepare to explore Tokyo's vibrant streets by foot! Expect to walk approximately 10 miles daily, so ensure you're physically ready to immerse yourself in the city's dynamic energy.

Language Proficiency

The workshop will be conducted exclusively in English. To fully engage in the sessions and activities, participants are expected to be proficient in the English language.

In case we haven't met yet...

Meet Your Tour Guide!

Learn & explore with someone who actually lived in Japan, and loved every second of it!

Hey, I'm Jorge

A street photographer, developer, writer and part-time YouTuber based in Canada 🇨🇦

After a decade in the Canadian film industry, I traded film sets for the streets of the world, finding inspiration in the corners of Japan through street photography.

Cinema still fuels my creativity, but now I focus on the experience of shooting, using and testing gear and the feeling of practising the craft.

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This is only the begginning...

Future Workshop Locations

These are all the locations for 2024... and beyond.

Japan Workshop

Tokyo, Japan

Discover Tokyo's vibrant streets and iconic landmarks through our photography workshop.

Fall 2024
Seoul Workshop

Seoul, South Korea

Uncover Seoul's dynamic blend of tradition and modernity with our photography workshop.

Winter 2024
Hong Kong Workshop

Hong Kong

Capture the energy of Hong Kong's bustling streets and iconic skyline with our photography workshop.

Paris Workshop

Paris, France

Experience the romance of the City of Light with our expertly curated guide to Paris.

Transparency & peace of mind...

The Costs & What Does It Cover?

This is not just a workshop, its an investment in yourself, your experiences, and your skills. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and transform your photographic journey.

Registration Fee: Full payment is due upon registration, with $500 of the total amount serving as a non-refundable registration fee.

Early Bird: Take advantage of our early bird discount offering an automatic 10% off. With the deadline set for June 1st, 2024.

Here is a brief summary of what your investment covers & costs:

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Streets Of Japan

Fall 2024 - Early Bird Pricing

  • Check IconRegistration fee. (Non-refundable)
  • Check IconA unique & premium experience that matters.
  • Check IconA chance to make lifelong like-minded friends.
  • Check IconComprehensive classroom sessions.
  • Check IconFieldwork & hands-on experience.
  • Check IconPost-processing sessions.
  • Check IconProof of work (Large prints.)
  • Check IconGroup lunches.
  • Check IconSourvenirs & sweets.
USD $3,150

Early bird pricing automatically applied until June 1st, 2024. After that, It defaults back to regular pricing.

Our Cancellation Policy

Life happens, we understand plans can change. If you need to cancel, here's our policy:

Full Refund

If you cancel 2 months or more before the workshop, you get a full refund, minus the non-refundable $500 registration fee.

Partial Refund

If you cancel between 2-1 months before the workshop, we can:
A. Move you to the next workshop.
B. Offer a 50% refund, minus the non-refundable $500 registration fee.

No Refund

If you cancel less than 1 month before the workshop, you can only apply it towards the next workshop.

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